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Later Fi is  searching on the web for what mysterious force could have caused them all to get the same song in their head.  As she is searching she finds a page on channeling, where one person can tune into evens, and people in the past.  Like a radio receives the radio stations.  Fi tries to explain to her mom that it “happens all the time.  People pick up vibrations, and sound waves.”  Molly doesn't believe Fi's theory.  She believes that there is a simpler explanation.  Jack doesn't believe Fi's theory either.  He reminds her that Carey even thinks that they all heard the same song on the radio somewhere and just forgot about it.  Fi can't fathom someone forgetting lyrics like “Eleanor the devil's near my door. Soon he'll be coming through that door, and when he's gone I fear I'll be no more.”

That evening Fi and Carey make a trip to the club which is closed Mondays.  Fi thinks that the song is coming from the club.  Carey explains to her that even if they were all on the same “cosmic wave”, he wasn't even at the club when he thought of the song.  Neither was Ned.  Fi knows that there has to be some connection, and wished she could get the rest of the lyrics.  Just then they heard the  strange tune coming from Carey's guitar inside the case.  Carey opens the guitar case and notices that someone had to be messing with his guitar because he does not use capos.  Fi remembers that he had it in open G tuning. Carey questions who sings in A, and Fi reveals that she does.  Care picks up his guitar and starts to play the song.  Suddenly, the words then come to Fi.  “He can't have you, so he aimed to have my soul instead.  I will not strike back in anger, I'll turn the other cheek.  If I die before I wake, let the earth inherit the meek, let the earth inherit the meek.”  Fi tells Carey that it's true.  “He was waiting to die. Waiting for someone to come kill him.”  Carey tells Fi that the whole thing is creeping him out and asks if they can go.

The next morning as they are unpacking to set up for rehearsal outside the bus, Fi tells her mother that the night before the rest of the lyrics came to her. She revealed to her mother that she got the bridge outside of the club and then the last two verses came out of her fingers while she was typing out the rest.  Fi points out the last verse to her mother “Oh Eleanor tell them what's mine is mine. Don't let the devil take what's rightly mine.”  She further explains to her mother that whom ever wrote the song knew that someone was going to kill him and take something from him.  Fi thinks the song wants them to figure out who the killer was and what he stole.  Molly does not believe that theory and that Fi probably remembered the lyrics from somewhere or made them up.  She explains that it does not make them reality.  Fi then tells her mother that she, in her songs, writes about weird things that happen to her.  She questions what's the big deal with someone else doing the same thing too.  Ned tells them that he has an old musician friend who has a used record store near there that has a huge selection of blues tunes.  Ned explains that if the song exists, he'd know about it.

Fi, Molly and Ned got to his friends record store, Frank's Records and Tapes.  While they are there they explain about the song and sing a verse for him.  Suddenly Frank pauses and walks over and pulls out a record by Natty Bookman.  Fi asks if they can hear the song.  When Frank plays the song, they notice that the lyrics are much different but the melody is the same.  Molly is dumbfounded as to how that could be.  Fi notes that the lyrics stink.  Frank agrees with her and explains that Natty was what they called  meteor, “He burned bright for a while and then burned out.” He further explains that Natty was around for years, but when he made this first record nobody took notice of it.  Then suddenly he had this weird burst of creativity that happened right there in Clarks Dale.  He continues to explain that  one night in 1936  he came on stage and it was like something happened. He found his style and nobody could believe it.  He was a real innovator, but his lyrics always did stink.  Frank asks them if they made up the lyrics that they sang with the song.  Fi tells him that you could call it a “family effort.”  Frank tells them that they have what's called the sweet solid case of the blues.  Fi asks Frank if she can buy the record, and he says that since she's a friend of Ned's she can have it. . . for twenty dollars.  Fi asks for an advance in her allowance to pay for the record.

Back at the manor, Fi is chatting with Papabear, John Cain.  He tells her that he did some research about The Yale in his old blues book.  She asks him if there were any stories about unsolved murders.  Papabear tells her that there was a man named Addison Foster who was killed but it didn't say whether he was a musician or not. Fi asks if Addison had a wife.  Papabear tells her that after Addison’s death the club took up a collection for his wife, Eleanor.  Hearing this  Fi goes to the club and interrupts her mother rehearsing.  She tells her mother that she thinks she know why the guy who wrote the song was murdered.  She told her mother that Natty Bookman got his burst of creativity in 1937, and that is the same year that this guy named Addison Foster was killed right outside the club.  Her mother, seeing Ms. Clemens watching them, tells Fi that maybe it’s not the best time to be talking about the subject seeing as Ms. Clemens didn’t take to the idea of having anything to do with the blues in her club.  Fi interrupts her by saying that Addison Foster’s wife was named Eleanor and the killer was never found.  Ms. Clemens hears what they are talking about, interrupts them and asks them what they think they are doing.  Molly apologizes profusely and says that they will just continue to rehearse.  Ms. Clemens then tells Molly that it may be better if she and her band would find another place to play.  She tells them that what’s in the past was in the past and it should stay that way.  As Ms. Clemens walks away, Fi was holding the Natty Bookman record that she bought, and the record flew out of the jacket and shattered into the wall.  Fi apologizes to Ms. Clemens.  She explains that she didn’t do it. The record just flew out of the jacket. Ms. Clemens turns around and notices the pieces of the record formed the two letters A F.  She mumbles “Addison Foster?” under her breath.  Fi , a bit startled, asks Ms. Clemens if she knew about Addison Foster.  Ms. Clemens explains that she was only 6 years old and lived about half mile from the club.  She continues to explain that one night her father came back late dragging a big chest.  She said the look she saw in his eyes told her that he had done something terrible.  Her father saw her looking at him and told her never to tell anyone what she saw that night.  Natty Bookman was Ms. Clemens father.    Ms. Clemens leads them to a closet where the old chest was hidden.  She opened it and revealed had written sheet music which had the initials A.F. in the right top hand corner.  Fi suddenly realized what Addison mean with he said they were staling his soul. He meant that they were stealing his music.  Ms. Clemens explained to them that it wasn’t until later on that she realized that her father was passing off Foster’s music as his own and that he had actually killed him to get it.  She moved away and never spoke to her father again and moved back to Clarks Dale after he died.  She took her life savings and bought the club.  She thought that if she tried to make the club different as if nothing had happen there it would make things better, but what happened that night never really went away.  She didn’t know what she could do to make things better.  Fi tells her that she thinks there is a way to make things better. 

Later that night while Molly is doing her show, Fi invites Alice Foster who she realized was Addison’s granddaughter.  Fi realized that they can give back the music to his granddaughter to give to her grandmother.  Addison would then have his music.  Molly is on the stage and introduces the song which she explains was written by Addison Foster.

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