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Eric Lively

Date of birth (location)
31 July 1981


Click here to see, hear and look at Eric in his role in the popular movie American Pie!

Info: Erik  Lawrence Lively hails from Burbank California and has one brother Jason and has four sisters: Robyn, Lori and Blake! One of which you may know, Robyn Lively!  Erik was born July 31, 1981!  
Erik has stared in : "Armed and Innocent" (TV) (1994) Sammy ,"Full House" (TV guest appearance) 
(1994) Jamie, Sandman (1998) Bobby Doll, Rushmore (1999),  East Ridgemont High (1999), 
and American Pie (1999) Albert!  Did you know that Erik  was the runner up for the Ryan Phillippe 
role in 54?  (Notice that he even LOOKS like Ryan and sounds like him?? Pretty WEIRD huh!?)

Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV guest appearances

Actor - filmography

  1. American Pie (1999) .... Albert
  2. "So Weird" (1999) TV Series .... Carey Bell
  3. Sandman (1998) .... Bobby Doll
  4. Armed and Innocent (1994) (TV) .... Sammy

Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV guest appearances

Notable TV guest appearances

  1. "Full House" (1987) playing "Jamie" in episode: "Is It True about Stephanie?"
    (episode # 7.14) 1/4/1994