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"Strange Geometry"

Aired: Friday November 19, 1999

Molly Phillips is filming a video for her single "She Sells" which is being directed by John Kane, an old band member of the Phillips band. He had to retire from the band due to a heart ailment and went into video production. Molly's video is being shot in an old abandoned orphanage, the Everett Patterson Home for the Unprivileged. Fi and Jack meet their mother on the set as she is filming her video, and surprise John. John, sitting in his directors chair directing, sees the both of them and welcomes them with open arms. After a big hug they ask him how he's doing and he tells them that "exchanging ciggies for Lollies aids the cause" in reference to his heart ailment. While Fi and Jack are talking to John, Carey comes up and suggests that they explore the building further because it is "seriously creepy." John mentions to them that the no ones been in the orphanage for over 50 years and it was built by an extraordinary architect, Everett Patterson. He then points to a seashell type symbol on the wall and explains to them that the symbol is a Nautilus, Patterson’s signature. He explains to them that Everett Patterson was famous in England where John Kane is originally from and has heard of Patterson as a Child. Patterson had dozens of orphanages built, and all for charity. He reveals to them that all the buildings were torn down within a decade or two. Some even said that that his buildings were haunted. Hearing this triggers Fi's interest and she asks if they really were haunted or if people just said that. Carey enlightens John that Fi is "very into the spooky." John glanced at Molly both knowing that Molly has not told her daughter something that she obviously needs to know about her father. Molly trying to escape the very uncomfortable moment suggests that they get back to work. While Molly is continuing to film her video, Fi, Jack, and Carey explore the rest of the main floor. As they walk down the halls Fi notices the same seashell type symbol as she walks down the hall. They find a door, which is partly opened, and peer inside. The room was very dilapidated and run down. Parts of the paint were coming off and there were broken down parts to beds and old paintings on the walls. Jack them mentions that Patterson may have built the place but he didn't know what it was like to live there. After they have walked out of the room and closed the door, a hand bulges out of the wall and moves around, then disappears.

The three of them find an old room, which was used, for storage of items, a dilapidated, dusty office. Fi finds an old article about Everett Patterson telling that he was very much into eastern religion, and a devotee of Sťances. Jack finds a set of blue prints, brings them to a table, and spreads them out. As they are examining the blue prints, Jack notices an odd sequence of numbers, 1 1 2 3 5 8, across the top of the blueprint which are vaguely familiar to him. He can not place where he's seen this numeric pattern before. Fi also notices that page 8 is missing as well. While they are looking at the blueprint of the building, Fi gets a strange feeling. Behind her "HELP" is being mysteriously written on an old dusty mirror behind her. She turns around to see the "HELP on the mirror and asks in a apprehensive voice who wrote that. Jack says that it was probably done by an orphan who was housed there while it was open. Fi tells Jack that the writing could not have lasted fifty years. Carey mentions that no one has been in this place to wipe it off either. As they leave, this time a face appears to bulge out of the wall and then vanishes.

Back on the bus, Jack finds a book, which explains the strange numeric patter that was vaguely familiar to him. The patter, he explains to Carey, is the Fibonacci Sequence where each of the numbers is the sum of the two numbers preceding them. (EX - 112358, 1+1=2, 2+3=5,3+5=8, etc.) This is a numeric pattern, which occurs in nature as well. Jack explains further that the seashell symbols that they saw through out the building, its dimensions are the same. Jack knowing Fi will just love these, and goes to show it to her. Mean while Fi is at a table in the orphanage surfing the web. She looks up Everett Patterson Architect. She finds a link to a video clip of an interview of one of Patterson ex-employee's, David Holliday. He said that Patterson claimed to have built portals into the spirit world and called him crazy. Reaching for something, Fi spills her soda and attempts to clean it up. As she bends down to clean it up she notices that the soda spill has spelled out "Upstairs" with a sign of the Nautilus. She mused to herself if it could be Patterson sending the message. She takes the blue prints and runs upstairs. Jack comes into the cafeteria to show Fi what he found and he and Carey discover that she’s gone. Her laptop is open to the link of the AVI file. They both go looking for her. As she is walking threw the halls., faces are bulging out behind her. She stops towards the end of the hall, and turns around. She sees the face that is bulging out and her jaw drops agape in awe. Frightened, runs up another set of stairs and ends up in a long hallway. As she is running, she sees more faces bulging out of the wall. She runs to the end of the hallway where a door opens and she exits the hallway. She enters what looks like an old classroom at the orphanage. She then enters another room adjacent to the classroom. Behind her she hears a door open and turns around. There is a door leading to a closet of some sort. She walked in and saw a small door in the wall. She pushed on it at first, but it did not open. After a good push, the door opens. There are more stairs leading up to another room above. It leads her to this huge room with an enormous dome like structure. She walks into it, its shape is just like the Nautilus. She hears someone calling "help me". She walks further into the Nautilus, and enters the portal where there are spirits walking all about behind a thin transparent membrane. There she meets Everett Patterson, who has waited so long for someone to find the Nautilus and help him. Fi intrigued by the portal, tries to touch the membrane, but Patterson stops her. He explains that the membrane is very delicate. He reveals to Fi that "life begins in the core of the Nautilus." People thought that he was evil, but all he wanted to do was give them hope, and show them that "we could return." Patterson asks Fi’s help to return him to the mortal world. He explains that he was only one number off in his number sequence, and all Fi would have to do is reset the lever. This would enable him to return, body, mind, and soul. Fi asks Patterson about the other spirits who are trapped in the spirit world. He tells her that he can’t save everyone. Patterson explains to her that he built the portal, and he’s the one that deserves to return. Fi realizes that he does not want to help people. The only one he wants to help is himself. She realizes that the reason why they said his building were haunted is because spirits must have gathered there too until the other portals were destroyed. Fi then starts to walk out, Patterson pleads with her to stay. He makes a plea bargain with her. If she helps him, he will guarantee to bring someone back with him whom she has lost in the past. Fi mulls it over and then makes her decision. She tells Mr. Patterson, when he asks, that she has made her decision. Fi grabs the portal lever and breaks it apart from the portal. She takes the lever and breaks the membrane causing it to break and cause fury. Patterson is thrust back into the spirit world, and Fi huddles down by the portal control shielding herself from the fury. Jack, Carey and Molly make it to the room where the portal is. Molly goes in and finds Fi huddled on the ground. She grabs Fi to get her out of the collapsing portal. Fi reveals to her mother that she could have brought her father back. They run out of the portal and head for the door. Jack and Carey usher them to the door. The all turn to see the portal collapse, before running out of the building.

Later back at the bus Fi, Molly and John are in her room. She’s lying on her mother’s lap and asks if she did the right thing. Molly tells Fi that she’s not sure. John then urges Molly to tell her the truth about her father. Molly apprehensive does not want to tell her daughter the secret about her father because she wants to keep her safe. Fi tells her mother to tell her what John is talking about. Molly reveals to Fi, reluctantly, that her father, before he died, investigated the paranormal, just like Fi is doing now. This disturbs Fi greatly. She explains, teary eyed, that she’s always felt so different from everyone, and asks how she could not tell her that she was JUST like her father. Fi buries her self in the corner of her bed with her hands covering her face sobbing. Molly tells Fi that she did not tell her because she wanted her to be safe, not to hurt her. She also tells her that she loves her, but Fi does not respond. Molly leaves the room not knowing what to say to her daughter. John Kane comforts Fi by telling her that her father was the braves, most courageous man that he knew, and he was his best friend. He tells Fi that she is JUST like him. He gives her the old Kane-Phillips band jacket and covers her up with it. He explains that everyone is just looking out for her best interest. He asks her if she will be OK, and she nods. She buries her head in the jacket, tearfully, consoling herself.

Video Clips - Strange Geometry

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Searching the old orphanage, they find blueprints of the building and strange odd numbers. (560KB)
Searching the upstairs of the orphanage Fi discovers she's not alone. (212KB)
Fi discovers the portal and Patterson waiting for her.  She must decide between her father and the other spirits happiness. (553KB)
Fi discovers a secret which her mother had been hiding from her.


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