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My sister died about 4 years ago. She died in her room and since she had the
larger room  I moved into her room. Well, I mean we were never truly cruel to
each other but she always played trick on me for instance when she told me
(she was older) to go out into the woods and find a bucket or something, and
if I found it she would give me a dollar. Well, she was six and had all her
friends over and I was three and thought she was the coolest. So I set out to
find the bucket even though in truth there was no bucket well I found one any
way but still you can see we were like any sisters. Well, now I have been
seeing the doors open by themselves and things disappear and reappear my name
being called the TV going of when I go out of the room, etc., and I know it
is her so what though. She is my big sister what more should I expect than a
few tricks even though they are from beyond the grave.


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