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This is my personal story about what happened in my house almost 14 years ago. For me it was the start of a life time of experiences. It all started in the fall of 1981 I was 10 or 11 years old at the time, it was a nice day and my father had gone out to the garden to till for the fall and prepare for the next spring. I remember ( like it was yesterday) sitting at the table looking into the back yard I saw my father stop and lean down and retrieve something from the dirt. A few minutes later he came in and showed us a rare find... It was a perfect and I mean PERFECT arrow head ! It had no chips and no signs of age we all thought it was real neat! A few days later after the arrow head was forgotten I was sleeping in my room my parents were both on the sofa in the living room when they heard footsteps coming up the basement stairs. Now, on the stairs my dad had a collection of License plates from around the states so when you walked up the stairs it was noisy to say the least. My father thinking it was me told me " Go back to bed" when the steps did not stop he got up and opened the door to the basement... Nothing, he than when to my room I was sound asleep. Not long after that things got worse, Objects seem to have minds of their own and would fly off and nearly hit people. Strange disembodied voices would call my mothers name and would often say "GET OUT". The worst thing was when my mom ( who was a neat freak) would clean the living room or other rooms ( seemed to happen in the living room the most) she would move stuff and be hit with the worst smell as she put it when asked " It smelled like death or decay" ( she would know for she worked at a med school ) She had, had enough and brought the arrow head ( now knowing that it our haunting friend had something to do with it) to a psychic friend of hers . Nancy held it and as she did ( I know this sounds weird) she felt a pulse in it and right before everyone's eyes it started to chip. My mother not long after that now fearful and just wanting things to stop thought if she put it back it may stop ( IT being our ghostly presence). She took it out to the spot and put it back but only after a few hours she went back to get it for she could not stand leavening it out there. She said aloud that she meant it no harm and then put it up. After that we had no more BAD things happen it seemed that the ghost had somehow trusted my mom. Things though did happen after that for although I was never the "butt" of the hauntings from that ( the arrow head) I was the "butt" of other things. Most good but some raised the hair on my neck. Over the years I had married and moved around a lot as my husband was in the service and it seemed that where ever we went I had some kind of experience. Again most were good . Now If your wondering, Yes we did TRY to find out about the arrow head and the ghost the most we could find out is that Indians did Inhabit the area and about 3 miles from the location of my home over the years many skulls and bones are recovered as well as arrow heads ect. So who knows we may never know but I do know that this is TRUE I would have never believed any of it had it not happened to me. Oh one short side note, several of my friends over the years have experienced the ghost/ ghosts in the house and many wont stay inc my husband who always felt "funny" about it. The house is located in Michigan by Lake Erie.

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