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This is the place to come for cool So Weird Wallpaper for your computer! To the left there are a few wallpapers to start you off with! More is on the way, so stop back soon for more cool So Weird Wallpaper.  The wallpaper to the left is JPG form which is compatible with windows 98.  If you have windows 95 follow the steps to making your own So Weird Wallpaper.
Make Your Own So Weird Wallpaper
Did you know that you could create your very own So Weird Wallpaper? You can, and it's very easy! Just follow the steps below.  You don't even need a photo program at all.  Just a internet browser! (which you obviously have if you are here)

1.) Find your favorite So Weird photo on this site.

2.) Next right click on it.

3.) You will find that several options then when the window pops up.  Such 
     "Save As" and so on. There should be a selection that says "Set As
     Wallpaper".  Select that.

4.)  That's it! Now you have your very won So Weird Wallpaper!

   You can follow this for any photo that you'd like as wallpaper! It's simple
    and easy!

For Browsers which do not have the "Wallpaper" Option
If your browser does not have the wallpaper option, there still is a way to make Wallpaper for your computer!

1.) Find the picture that you'd like.

2.) Right Click on it.

3.) Click on "Copy".

4.) Next open up a photo editing program such as paint brush, or any other
     photo editing program that you have.

5.)  Next go to edit and then paste.

6.)  Then save your picture as a .BMP file.

7.)  Go to display properties in "Control Panel".  Then there should be a tab for
      background or "Wallpaper".  Hit browse and find the file wherever you have
      stored it.  and hit apply.

There ya go! Your very own Wallpaper!

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